Just a few hours to go!

Hi there! Today I stripped down to the basics to show off the real stars of the day- poses! I’ve been peeking at Pose Fair 2013 and there are TONS of wonderful, imaginative creations. There sure will be some amazing pictures taken because of the inspiration of these people!

I didn’t have enough time to wander through the sim as I intended to do, but I managed to grab some cool stuff in my couple of visits there. I have to say that creators have been really supportive, setting out their newest releases and encouraging bloggers to contact them! Cheers to nice pose creators!

What I enjoy more at these events is probably discovering new stores. I always come across a little -or not so little- brand I didn’t know about yet! PF13 was no exception and so I left with brand new landmarks in my inventory poses folder. I’m sure I’ll put them to good use in the near future! Here I show you just a small selection I made from some stores that really caught my eye, but I’ll be using lots of the new releases in future posts- so be sure to check as always on poses credits!

Love and kisses ❤

From left to right:

Ilaya– FModel 8 – FModel 3 – FModel 4

Nani’s Poses– Posepack 1.5 – 1.6 – 1.4

From left to right:

Coco Creations– Spring fling 4 – Spring fling 5

Elephante– Part of Me 1 – Part of me 3

Embody– Talk to Me 2 – Talk to Me 5

And my (basic) outfit is…


Skin: Essences Clover Sweetheart *sunkissed* brown

Eyes: FAKE :: Realistic Eyes [Blue shades] Beach

Hair: -LaViere- Natalia/WoodBark

Feet: [Gos] Barefoot – Arched


Body: Candy Metal white body (old dollarbie)

Necklace: CONCRETE FLOWERS- CELTIC HEART NECKLACE (store temporarily closed until further notice)

Note: All poses landmarks point to mainstores. The post will be updated later with the landmark to Pose Fair 2013. 

UPDATE: POSE FAIR 2013 IS OPEN ❤ have fun!


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