Connie Stratten

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Connecting 365 SL Lives project and today it was my turn! If you want to take a peek at it you’re most welcome, hope you like it ❤

(and sorry for the formatting, WP seems to be misbehaving right now!)

Connecting: 365 SL Lives


When I was a kid (and a rather nosy one) the fact that I would only live one life was

somehow disturbing for me. I remember sitting on a garden swing for hours, trying to imagine

how would it be to be a little girl born under any other circumstances but mine. How would it be

to be very rich or extremely poor? And moving to some exotic place? What about being born in a

different country, on a different era, going through life speaking a different language? I guess

most of these questions came from too much reading, if “too much” was possible. Since I was

very young my love for stories and books had led me to a deep desire of being as many

characters on my own novel as I could.

@Neva River

So when I heard about Second Life, I felt that the idea of living vicariously by…

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